A look with its own light

The look is the most expressive elements of the face and that is also why it is recommended extreme care taken from an early age and in that way to be able to show a clean look, young and in top form for longer.

The great fragility of the area surrounding the eyes is due to its scarcity in the sebaceous glands and sweat, therefore tends to dry out easily because the production of fat is limited.

On the other hand, its collagen and elastin fibers are less dense, which together with the flicker makes it one of the first elements of the face to reflect the effects of pass of the time.

The use of specific products for this area is very important, since its texture, active ingredients and formulation are the perfect ally to fight wrinkles and eliminate bags and dark circles.

Eye serum idermo award

Our Serum lifting eye tensor is winner of the Idermo Awards for “BEST PRODUCT INNOVATION “thanks to its rich formulation created from the Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Marine Biotechnology and Hamamelis Virginiana.

Thanks to the SERUM OF EYES MIRAUR we will be able to activate the microcirculation and get a rejuvenating effect, which significantly reduces wrinkles, while at the same time eliminate bags, dark circles and the look is enhanced.

The MIRAUR eye serum provides a calming and decongestant effect in the look, protecting the tissues and repairing and reaffirming the area.

Also protect against the appearance of stains!



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